Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Meeting some of the people who live in my phone/computer.

This past weekend pretty much kicked all kinds of ass.  Just like my Tristan's hair.

And I do realize that weekends don't start on Thursday, but Thursday evening was pretty kick-ass, too.  And it's right before Friday which is the gateway to the weekend so work with me here folks.  

Thursday evening The Bloggess was in Concord, NC.  My sister Kelly and I went to see here.  I'm fairly a newbie to her following.  Kelly introduced me after her post about picking your battles.  I have been hooked ever since.  She is hilarious!  If you don't know about The Bloggess, I suggest you check her out.  After seeing her in person I just love her even more, if that is possible.

Saturday morning I ran in another 5k.  (I know, who am I, right?)  I beat my time from my first race.  I finished in 34:21:92.  (For comparison, my 1st race time was 36:08.37.)

Later that day I FINALLY managed to catch some good shots of the hummingbirds I have been stalking since I put up the feeder.  My next goal is to get a little closer for better photos and then to eventually have them eat from my hand.  We shall see.  

Saturday afternoon Tristan had a birthday party to go to.  It was a circus theme and there was a "photo booth" area set up.  There were a ton of great props for cool shots like this one!
 And face painting.  Tristan was painted to look like a tiger.  He was the cutest tiger I have ever seen.  And sugar!  Oh my at the sugar that was within reach for the kids to grab.  Let me tell you, my boy ate his fair share and then some.  And then there was a sack race.  A sack race y'all!  Have you ever seen 3 year old kids participating in a sack race?  It will make you just want to fall over dead from all the cuteness.  I won't kill you today but I will share a photo of a tiger in a sack race.

Cute right?  I warned you.

Sunday was an epic day.  Me, Steve, and Tristan head to Boone early in the morning.  We were going to meet my blog/Twitter friend Leigh and her family.  Leigh is behind the blog Hines-Sight Blog

 We met online thru her blog in February of 2011.  Since then we have talked about meeting up but just haven't had the chance until this weekend.  She was in the High Country because she will be featuring the Mast Farm Inn on her blog.  She and her husband wanted to take their kids to Tweetsie and since we have season passes to Tweetsie, it was the perfect chance to meet up and hang out for the day. 

Whoa horsie!!!

 We had breakfast together, headed out to Tweetsie and then grabbed dinner at Woodland's BBQ before we headed home. 

The day was a blast.  I felt like I had know Leigh forever.  Her kids are adorable and her husband, Will, and Steve got along great.  I just love that a friend that once just lived in my phone/computer is now a real life friend. 

To round out the weekend, Tristan and I watered the garden Sunday night before heading in for bath time and look what we found!  A few small radishes ready for harvesting.  Salad anyone?