Friday, May 11, 2012

5k - Done!

Remember way back in January when I made some resolutions?  Except I called it a To Do List.  I wrote them down and put them out there for all of the internets to see.  Talk about commitment.  Or falling flat on your face in front of everyone.  Guess it all depends on my follow thru.  

Well, one week ago today I crossed off one of those items.  It was actually the one I didn't think I would do.  I wanted to.  Sorta.  Kinda. 
I did it.
I ran a 5K.  It was the Relay for Life 5K held at Lincolnton High School.  Ok, to be completely honest, I completed the 5K.  I did walk a little.  Y'all, it was hot outside.  And running is hard.  
If you run all the time (like my husband), I don't want to hear about how fun it is and how easy it is.  Cause for me, it's not.  I started out training with a Couch to 5K app that had on my phone.  You may remember I did that last year.  About 7 weeks or so in, I just quit.  I hated it.  Running wasn't for me.  
But going to 5K events with my husband kind of inspires you and you get to thinking that maybe you can do it, too.  So I started back with the Couch to 5K program and then somewhere around week 7 I just ditched it and started competing with myself to see if I could beat my own time.  

I'm not fast.  I may never be, but I have never been so proud of myself to have completed something.  Especially with the difference in where I had been training and the time of day as compared to where I ran the race and the time of day it was held.  
I normally run in the morning, around 7am , when it's still cool outside. And I had been running on fairly level ground.  
The race was held at 7pm and it had been hot all day.  The course wasn't level. 
My goal was to complete the race in 45 minutes or under.  I thought that was doable.

I was right.  
I completed it in 36:08.37

I've even signed up for another 5K.  I'm hoping that I can shave a little time off.  The next race will be in the morning, so maybe I can.

Am I a runner now?  Nope.  Do I like it?  Eh... I like how I feel when I am done and I don't hate it like I did last year.  That's something.

Before I end this I just have to brag a little.  My 3 yr old participated in the fun run.  It was run for kids, once around the track.  He ran the entire way and was rather proud of his medal.  My husband also ran the 5K.  He came in 5th overall.  (That is 5th out of 170.  In comparison, I was 132 out of 170).  His time was 18:54.11
He's FAST!