Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Garden 2012

Our garden is planted.

A week ago, Tristan and I planted a blend of salad greens.

And this past Sunday we filled the area we boarded off for our big garden with dirt and planted seeds and some plants.  

This is how things started off. 

All good (and bad) helpers should be properly hydrated.  

Daddy and Tristan filled the area with a mix of compost and dirt.  

Next we evened things out.  Tristan is using a little rake that used to belong to my Papaw.  Not to worry, I didn't leave all the hard work up to my husband and 3 year old.  I helped out, too.  That's the problem with being the only one who takes pictures, you are never in any.  (This would have been a good time to have remembered I do have a tripod.)  But I must admit that Steve did all the heavy lifting and hard work.  He's good like that.  

Now it's time to plant.  Here are some zucchini seeds going in the ground.

We also sowed some carrot and radish seeds.  I also put in some of the bell pepper and tomato plants I bought the day before at the Farmers Market.  Tristan even has his own corner of the garden.  He chose to plant some flower seeds.  Marigolds and something else I had seeds for.  He dug the holes, scattered the seeds...

Covered them up....

And watered them.  

I'll be honest, if nothing else grows but the flowers, I will be fine with that.

Here is my little master gardener with the biggest garden pest we have had to date.  If we can keep Willow out of the garden we might just have a good harvest this year.  If not, we may have zucchini growing with the carrots and radishes under the tomato plants.  

As of today we have a few little green leaves sprouting.   Looks like we may be having a salad soon.