Friday, December 2, 2011

Naughty Elf

Look what I found the other day when I was in the ABC Store!  Fluffed Marshmallow Flavored Vodka!  Ok, so the guy at the counter pointed it out to me.  Whatever!  Like I was gonna pass up buying a couple little bottles of this stuff.   What could make hot chocolate more amazing?  Ummm...  This stuff!  I couldn't wait to try it.  If you know me, you know I LOVE marshmallow fluff.  Hello y'all!  It's sugar.  I love sugar.  Fluff flavored vodka... YES PLEASE!!

If you are planning to decorate your tree this weekend, then this is the perfect drink to serve.

Naughty Elf
5 oz warm milk
Hot Chocolate mix
3/4 oz Marshmallow Vodka
Simple Syrup

Mix the sugar and cinnamon together.  This is to rim your glass with so mix it to your taste.  Dip the rim of your mug in the simple syrup and then into the sugar mixture.  When you make your hot chocolate, don't forget that you are going to add the vodka so hold back just a little on the recommended amount of milk. If you like it stronger add a little more vodka.  If you are feeling even more festive add a splash of Goldschläger.  Serve with marshmallows.  

Just be sure to not let this get mixed up with your kids cup of hot cocoa.  This IS for the adults only..