Sunday, December 11, 2011

Clyde's Christmas Parade

It's difficult to find anyone without an Elf on the Shelf these days.  There is just something Creeptastic about them.  We adopted our official Elf this year and named him Clyde.  We had an Elf-In-Training last year.  He went back to the North Pole this year after a couple of days. He still has a lot to learn.  

So far this year, Clyde has been found driving a school bus. 

He also named himself the official keeper of the presents.

This morning we found him hanging out with a couple of nuts.

But yesterday morning took the cake.  Seems Clyde wanted to get in on the Christmas Parade fun that he knew we were going to have later in the day.  He created his very own Cat Square Parade with some of Tristan's toys.  If you have been to the Cat Square Parade before, you will notice that Clyde did a very good job recreating such a festive event.

The front of the parade.  Notice Mama Woodsy carring the Tristanville Parade sign. 

Firetrucks and tractors.  You can't have a parade without them.

 Of course there has to be a mayor.  Who else should preside over Tristanville but Clyde?  This was his parade, after all.

Mini Meow was designated to drive the Meenan Oil Truck.  A very special honor.

Barnyard Float

Clyde has heard Tristan talk so much about the monkey that was carrying the man in the parade that was in downtown Lincolnton. He just knew he needed to get Eee Eee (monkey's name) in on the fun.

You can't have a parade with out a beauty queen.

 What would a recreation of the Cat Square Parade be if we didn't have at least one horse.  Clyde wants you to pretend those dinosaurs are horses, too.

Do you have an Elf on the Shelf?  Does he do anything fun around your house?

Later this week look for a post of pictures from the real Cat Square Parade.